Kulite pressure transducers manufactured for the automotive industry fall into three distinct categories: Test Transducers and Process Control Transducers and Automotive Control Transducers

Test Transducers
Kulite pioneered the miniature and ultra-miniature pressure transducer industry. We introduced the first miniature, piezo resistive transducer, the XCQ-062, in 1968. This transducer and its slightly larger, threaded equivalents found wide use in the aerospace and gas turbine engine world. They set the industry standard for transducers used in testing the aerodynamic performance of rotary and stationary wings as well as compressor and turbine blades.
Now Kulite is also working closely with automotive design engineers. These transducers have been adapted for regular use in the testing of new designs for virtually every fluid system found on a modern commercial vehicle. See the list of such systems in the column above.
Process Control Pressure Transducers
Kulite has also worked closely with the designers of equipment used in the production of commercial vehicles. We have developed flush mount solid-state pressure transducers for controlling the pressure in paint application systems and structural foam infusion systems among others.
Automotive Control Systems
Kulite pressure transducers are also widely used in the competitive automobile racing circuits - both Formula One in Europe and the Indy circuit in the U.S.