Resource Exploration / Production

Kulite pressure transducers are finding their way into more resource exploration projects because they can be used in very hazardous and harsh environments without worrying about failure. Reliability, accuracy and flexibility in packaging design & size are the corner stones to our success. When a transducer is to be used in a Hazardous area, such as fossil fuel exploration, Kulite offers many series that have been certified Intrinsically Safe for explosion prone hazardous areas (CSA/FM: Class 1, Div 1&2, Group A, B, C, D) (SIRA: SCS Ex 97E2119, EEx ai IIC T4)

Kulite offers transducers that are hermitically sealed (including gage sensors) to keep humidity, water and corrosive gases/atmosphere from damaging the transducer from external environmental sources thought out the world. The material used to construct the transducers can be manufactures from Stainless Steels (304, 316, 17-4ph), Inconell, Monell, Titanium and others to meet a wide range of environments that fossil fuels, geothermal, geological exploration applications. Our Very High overload pressure capability without damage to the transducer is another thought after option offered to protect the transducer. Finally, there are many output options available (mV, V, mA, frequency, RS485, etc) for flexibility into the many types of data acquisition systems in use.