Kulite is the recognized global leader in the science and engineering of piezoresistive sensors. Kulite has produced pressure sensors, accelerometers and load cells based on the piezoresistive effect of silicon, for a wide variety of applications. At present, our primary focus is the production of pressure transducers.

Kulite was founded in 1959 as the first commercial source of bare silicon strain gages.

The piezoresistive silicon sensor is the heart of the Kulite Pressure Transducer. It has evolved from the simple bar gage sensor of the past, to a very high-tech, dielectrically isolated, silicon on silicon sensor we are using today. We have developed the next stage of evolution for the dielectrically isolated, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) sensor, which is referred to as the Leadless Sensor. The Leadless Sensor is a revolutionary design that allows the sensor to be used in high vibration, high acceleration and high temperature environments not possible in the past.

Kulite is currently working on the development of novel sensor materials for the next generation of pressure sensors, while continuing to advance SOI pressure sensor technology to higher levels of performance.