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Kulite Pressure Transducer Handbook
Table of Contents 152 kb
Section 1 - Introduction 156 kb
Section 2 - Kulite Sensing Technology 716 kb
Section 3 - Performance Characteristics 392 kb
Section 4 - Environmental Limits 152 kb
Section 5 - Application Information 404 kb
Section 6 - Electronics 184 kb
Section 7 - Measurement of Transient Pressure Pulses 256 kb
Section 8 - Calibration 208 kb
Section 9 - Glossary, Unit Conversions & Kulite Reports 264 kb

Strain Gages
Kulite Semiconductor Gages offer the significant advantages of: higher sensitivity, smaller sizes, higher resistance, higher fatigue life and low hysteresis. 3 Mb

Technical Papers
Further Work on Acceleration Insensitive Semiconductor Pressure Sensors for High Bandwidth Measurements on Rotating Turbine Blades 292 kb
Improved Ruggedized SOI Transducers Operational Above 600°C 624 kb
Improved SiC Leadless Pressure Sensors for High Temperature, Low and High Pressure Applications 204 kb
Kulite Wireless Sensors 67 kb
Latest Ruggedized High Temperature Piezoresistive Transducers 607 kb
Miniature Combination Pressure / Temperature Sensors with Redundant Capability 161 kb
Pressure Transducer Temperature Isolation Using Tubing (Steady State Condition) 87 kb
Selecting Piezoresistive vs. Piezoelectric Pressure Transducers 3.4 Mb
Solid State Replacements for Electro-Mechanical Potentiometer Type Pressure Transducers 432 kb
Static-Dynamic Transducer 3.5 Mb
The Effect of Silicon Fatigue on Kulite Silicon Pressure Sensor’s Reliability 221 kb
Ultra High Temperature, Miniature, SOI Sensors for Extreme Environments 748 kb

Installation Instructions/Miscellaneous
Installation of Miniature Threaded and Standard Threaded Series Transducers 92 kb
Metric Installation of Miniature Threaded and Standard Threaded Series Transducers 96 kb
Probe Installation Instructions 588 kb
Typical Probe Configurations 588 kb

Technical Paper Links
A Study of Bulk Modulus, Entrained Air, and Dynamic Pressure Measurements in Liquids
Real-Time, Advanced Electrical Filtering for Pressure Transducer Frequency Response Correction
An Experimental Frequency Response Characterization of MEMS Piezoresistive Pressure Transducers
Enhanced Static-Dynamic Pressure Transducer for the Detection of Acoustic Level Flow Instabilities in Gas Turbine Engines
An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Wave Propagation in Teflon and Nylon Tubing With Methods to Prevent Aliasing in Pressure Scanners
Miniature low-pass mechanical filter for improved frequency response with MEMS microphones & low-pressure transducers